Burger Chips Catering

Event Catering Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions and answers regarding event catering are listed below.

We would like our customers, existing and future, to contact us in the event your question is not answered below. Our friendly team are on hand to assist with solutions to meet your event needs.

Will you supply crew catering?

Farm fayres, BBQ's, fine dining with silver service? The answer is yes.

We have experience working with crews from all types of industry such as media. We have a choice of vehicles, themes and menu's to choose from.

We will adapt and tailor short and long term crew catering contracts to suit.

Can you supply a quotation free of charge?

Of course we can!

Our quotations are free, and based on the needs for your next event.

Baked Jacket Potato Catering

Whether you need a spit roast, fish and chips or doughnut and coffee bar we will send a no obligation quote.

Will you provide the seating?


For large or small events, we know that seating is often a vital part of a dining experience.

Be it fish and chips, noodles or a salad bar we will provide the seating and tables where needed.

Do we need a venue with its own electricity and water supply?


Our team will travel with our own suitably sized generators and water tanks so that we can attend remote and non-wired venues.

How do you manage waste?

We have a strict policy that the area in which we are to be located is kept clean throughout the event.

Litterbins will be highly visible to guests, with the event management company conducting final clearing up at the end of the event.