Desert Catering

How We Work

Our aim is to work with you, as the organiser of your unforgettable event, to help you decide which catering will be effective, appropriate and efficient for your day.

We always fully consider your preferences and needs. In addition, we provide free professional and friendly advice. Our team invites you to contact us with any queries.

As our company thrives on good working practice and presentation, we have built a service of the finest quality.

We do not want our customers to search exhaustively for a company to be there. Because we are a large established company, we help you with the organisation so that you can focus on other important sections of your event.

Our team apply just as much time and effort in arranging our equipment, ordering the food and supplying a superb at-venue service as they do offering an after sales support.

Speak to us today about our services – regardless of whether your event is to be a small personal party or a large corporate function, we will listen to your requests and tailor the most suitable package to meet your tastes and requirements.

Desert Catering

Our Team Members

Our members of staff are consistently respectful, presentable and well qualified to serve our clients and their guests. Our team completes annual food and hygiene certifications, always remains up to date with basic safety and our chefs are experienced and committed to serving a high standard of food.

Staff that we choose to attend wedding services are trained with full knowledge on how to serve a silver dinner service, which really adds a touch of class to your event.

Food Suppliers & Producers

Our company have established contracts with a range of food suppliers including local producers; we know how important this is to lots of our customers.

We check and audit our suppliers to ensure they meet the high standards we require, and we can account for all tracebility of the food that we use in our meals – giving you reassurance with freshness, guaranteed.

Catering Equipment

Our catering equipment and mobile units are up to date and regularly upgraded and modernised.

They are made in stainless steel to meet safety and hygiene regulations, and avoid catering related hazards.

We maintain our equipment to an exceptional clean and hygienic standard, with mandatory safety tests carried out annually to comply with BS regulations. This ensures we are providing the best quality available, keeping you, your guests, your venue and our team safe.

We supply our own electricity generators that do not create noise pollution, and we also bring to every event water tanks that are sized accordingly to avoid wastage.

Our Company

As a professional company, we abide by the strict regulations and procedures that are expected of us, this is why:

We are proud to say that we are delighted with the goals we have achieved over the years, our staff are always on hand in case of necessary assistance, and our certifications are valid and constantly reviewed.