Desert Catering

Personal Hygiene

It is vital that persons handling food maintain excellent personal hygiene and wear clothing that is suitable.

This avoids hazards that can otherwise be caused when wearing every-day clothing, or caused by a lack of basic personal hygiene.

Exceedingly good personal habits remain an important part of our overall mission. We encourage our staff and professionally train them so that they are aware of their surroundings, personal habits and working practices.

By regularly monitoring the processes used by the members of our extended team, we have achieved outstanding results and can assure that:

Whilst this is not only important during personal time, it is essential to make it a habit at work; we know how vital it is to be clean and bacteria free.

Our team do stick to our rules, have been professionally trained and have developed into staff where personal hygiene comes naturally.

We never risk contamination and are always happy to answer questions relating to our processes and practices.